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Bobalimut & SeatPad is Featured in Laptop Si Unyil Trans7 (December 2013)

Hybrid SwaddlePod & NeoCarrier is Featured in Laptop Si Unyil – Trans7 (February 2013)

Featured in Bincang Bisnis PasFM 104.3 Surabaya

Behind the scene shooting Laptop si Unyil 23 Nov 2013

Alhamdulillah kembali diberi kepercayaan oleh Trans7 untuk diliput di acara Laptop si Unyil pada tanggal 23 Nov 2013.
Luar biasa senang dapat kunjungan 5 orang kru Trans7, such an honor for us sudah bersedia jauh-jauh datang ke Malang untuk bertemu CuddleMe
Berikut secuplik foto-foto yang sempat direkap saat syuting kemarin.

BabyCape Printed

[In English]
Adorable CuddleMe Baby Cape for a fashionable baby and toddler. It is easy to put on and off and it will keep your baby warm during a stroll outside. It is also reversible, so you can reverse the side based on the weather. It is also has cute bear ears to add its adorable and cuteness.

CuddleMe Baby Cape’s outer side is made out of micropolar fleece that’s very soft, warm and comfortable, while inner side is made out polyester cotton jersey. for the filling itself is using hypoallergic polyester. In order to form sleeves, simply snapping both snap button on right and left side of the baby cape. You can also use Baby Cape as blanket for newborn baby. So you can start using babycape from newborn until toddler time.

Price : IDR 90,000

Size :
Length 38 cm
Width 80 cm

For ages 0 months – 3 years old

[In Bahasa]

CuddleMe Baby Cape yang sangat manis untuk bayi dan balita yang modis. Sangat mudah untuk dipakai dan dilepas, serta akan menjaga bayi anda selama berjalan-jalan di luar. Baby Cape ini juga bisa dipakai bolak balik, sehingga setiap sisi bisa dimanfaatkan berdasarkan cuaca yang ada. Baby Cape ini juga memiliki telinga beruang lucu yang semakin menambah cute bayi anda.

Sisi luar CuddleMe BabyCape terbuat dari micropolar fleece yang sangat lembut, hangat dan nyaman. Sementara bagian dalam terbuat dari polyester katun jersey. Bagian fillingnya menggunakan polyester hypoallergic. Untuk membuat lengan, anda hanya men-snap kedua snap button pada bagian kanan dan kiri baby cape. Anda juga bisa menggunakan Baby Cape sebagai selimut untuk bayi yang baru lahir. Sehingga Baby Cape ini dapat digunakan sejak masa bayi lahir hingga balita.

Harga : IDR 90,000

Ukuran :
Panjang 38 cm
Lebar 80 cm

Untuk usia 0 bulan – 3 tahun

{bobalimut} Boneka, Bantal, Selimut

{bobalimut} is abbreviation from boneka bantal selimut.
Soft, multiuse and fun, {bobalimut} will amuse your little one.
Silky, cozy, cute and plush, this lovable hooded blanket can be tucks into its cute character plush cushion when baby isvready to play or on the go.
Your baby surely will love CuddleMe original character Mr.Pongo & Ms.Pinqueen as we love to create it!


  • 3 uses in 1 as cute plush doll, cushion and blanket.
  • easy to store blanket inside cute character cushion for playing or on the go
  • cute hooded blanket
  • body : 100% polyester fleece, luxuriously soft, cozy & durable
  • trim : silk spandex
  • size : 74 x 90 cm
  • machine washable

Price IDR 130,000

CuddleMe Bath & Changing Caddy Bag

CuddleMe Bath & Changing Caddy Bag will make your daily routine with your baby a lot easier. Just prepare your baby’s bathtime and changing essentials inside CuddleMe Caddy Bag and you can bring it anywhere without any hussle

CuddleMe Bath & Changing Caddy Bag can holds up to 24 diapers plus wipes, lotions, shampoos, ointments, powder and more! Even can be used for car organizer or toys organizer.

Additional side, front and back storage pockets surely will give you much leisure for baby’s essentials while at home or on-the-go

Plus, its mildew resistance fabric makes it easy to clean after use

Price : IDR 70,000

Dimension : 12.5″ (32 cm) L x 5.5″ (14 cm) W x 11.8″ (30 cm)

Outer : Nylon waterproof
Inner : Nylon
Filling : Polyurethane Foam

CuddleMe Seat Pad

CuddleMe Seat Pad, provides maximum comfort and complete head & body support for your baby when you take him out for a walk or a ride inside the car or when playing with swing or bouncer.

It has detachable head support that can be customized for comfort. Adjusting upward as baby grows.

The unique contours work well with all harness systems and the Head & Body support transfers easily to provide support for baby in car seats, strollers, jogging strollers and swings. With padding only on the sides, not behind baby, the Seat Pad does not interfere with the safety of car seat harnesses.

The Head & Body Support reverses from smooth polar fleece fabric to plush velboa for two distinct looks.

Price : IDR 80,000

Material : polar fleece anti pilling and velboa.
Compatible with : most strollers, baby jogger, most baby car seats, most baby bouncers
Suggested age : newborn and up
Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash with laundry net

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod is the original & innovative swaddle that allows your baby to sleep, with their arms inside or out. Swaddled babies who have access to their hands may settle better and sleep longer.
Super fast and easy to use.

Most importantly CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod helps your baby stay wrapped all night long!
Even dad will be a wrap expert!

Cap set is also included, so baby can go fashionable while swaddled

Using high quality Cotton with Spandex blended material, make it cool enough, stretchable and comfort for babies.

Also equipped with 2-way zipper for easy diaper changing, zipper tent to keep zipper under cover and inside zipper layer protector for more protection for your baby

IDR 55,000 (cap included)

Why CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod?

Swaddling babies is an ancient practice of helping babies to settle and sleep.

Recent studies have shown that babies who are swaddled (not too tightly) and then put to bed, sleep better and longer.

Babies may benefit from having access to their hands when swaddled with CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod because:
1. It helps them self soothe and therefore sleep longer, giving baby and parents a better nights sleep.
2. It may be helpful for development.

Your baby learns a lot about the world by bringing their hands to their mouth. It helps develop their mouth muscles, aids feeding, speech development and enables them to act out their natural rooting reflex. Just having their hands near their mouth can help babies settle and sleep!

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod is so quick and easy to use and most importantly your baby stays swaddled all night long!

Wrapping babies snugly with CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod also can help calm their startle reflex, so that they do not hit and wake themselves during sleep.

Babies swaddled with CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod find it harder to roll from their back to the tummies, therefore also helping reduce the risk of SIDS.

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod promotes good quality sleep as we all know good quality sleep for babies has been linked to brain development so it is very important your baby get the full amount of sleep required.

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod is made of ONE layer of good quality Cotton Elastane/Spandex. Material is made of Cotton therefore highly breathable and allow moisture to pass through the fibres. Furthermore since CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod stretches to fit the baby the stretching action creates natural openings in the weave, promoting even further breathability.

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod has 2-way zip opening, so you can do diaper changing without awakening baby. It also has zipper tent to keep zipper under cover, and inside zipper layer protector so more safety for your baby.

Included Cap set is also very functional for baby, just use it whenever you want to go out with baby.(please use baby cap only under your supervision only)

Just Try and SURE You’ll love it!!


CuddleMe Baby Cape

It’s a cute baby cape with fluffy and soft material. Simply by snapping button in front of cape, a very practical jacket that can be use from infancy until toddler time.

With eye-catching cute bear ears, smart design that can be used reversible, snap button to form sleeve, becoming this baby cape key points. Outer side made of soft fluffy polar micro fleece and inner side made of fabulous tartan pattern soft silky spandex. For filling, it used polyester, so there’s no allergy’s potential.

CuddleMe baby cape can also be handy and practical as weather shield when you are in babywearing. Its pompom string attachable to all baby carrier’s shoulder pads. Simply by tying it into carrier shoulder pads. No more worry with wind and cold whenever you go with your baby while you are in babywearing.

As sweet and cute as candy, as warm and fluffy as marshmallow, as handy and practical as CuddleMe Baby Cape

Price : IDR 90,000

For ages 6 months – 3 years old

Available in 5 fabulous colors : maroon, salem, red, blue, purple

CuddleMe Nursing Cape

Indulge breastfeeding moment for mom and baby with style by using 100% silky spandex fabric that cover 360 degree area of sight. No more worries when breastfeeding.

When going out , shopping, having lunch with friend with baby, as a struggling breastfeeding mom there must be a feeling of anxiety.
“When my baby will start feeling hungry?” or “how if my baby starting to cry in an unfamiliar place?”

That’s why CuddleMe created Nursing Cape that is cute, pretty and very suitable for a mom like you. With a large neck line, round collar strengthen with boning for easier eye contact with baby, easy to wear, looks like usual clothes, no more worries about breastfeeding anywhere anytime.

Not only to be weared inside nursing room, you can even use it in mall, restaurant, park, during your pumping time and makes you feel relieve that none can even see you from your back

Using 100% silky spandex fabric that is light, soft, flowy, and stretchable,  lifetime usage and proudly made in Indonesia

Price : IDR 80,000

Reseller is welcome

EasyWrap How to use

Currently there are 2(two) way to use EasyWrap and there’s still so many possibilities to use it in many different ways!

X-style position

named based on back ‘X’ shape when it is used. easy to use when EasyWrap already in sling position
1. X-Style Preparation

2.X-Style How to take off

H-style position
named based on back ‘H’ shape when it is used. more stable when used and give better proper position
H-Style Preparation

1.Prepare your EasyWrap (H-Style)

2.  Hug Positions

3. Explore Positions

4. Newborn Positions

5. Take it Off

6. Switch to sling

7. Hip Position with Sling 

8. Cradle Position

CuddleMe NeoCarrier 2.0

The differences with previous version NOT ONLY it has pattern, but it also:

  1. Has webbing glide slider for both foot strap and back buckle. So, will be easier to adjust and to move
  2. Has softer Cotton Canvas fabric for you and your baby comfort
  3. Has 3 pockets to keep your small stuff
  4. Has fleece lining in the leg line to avoid leg/thigh red mark to enhance comfort for your baby
  5. Has diaper bag strap holder
  6. Has buckle to adjust the length of the hoodie, so it will be easier to adjust
  7. Has 2 way adjustable back buckle , so you can adjust the back buckle with both hands
  8. Has easier to adjust side strap, so both strap can be pull in only 1 step
  9. Has wider and thicker shoulder pad to enhance your comfort
  10. Has Teething Pad from white bamboo jersey with hypoallergenic dacron filling(Included)
  11. Has thicker and higher quality strap, for better performance

Price : IDR 370,000