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Smart Towel


Smart Towel is smart choice for smart moms. Each pack consisted of three items : multi-use bath towel, multi-use bibs and washcloth. All is made of 100% of cotton with unique and smart design to ensure its comfort and versatility. It’s also grows with your child.  It’s a new generation of towel that will make your life much more easier and fun!

Multi-use Bath Towel

A unique 4-in-1 apron, towel, bathrobe for infants-toddlers and swaddler for infants.  It transforms bath time with your children into a more relaxing, safe and fun experience

Wear multi-use bath towel as apron while you bathe your baby. It frees up your hands to tend to your baby. You can focus on your child and prevent accidents. No need to worry where you put the towel or how to hold it. With multi-use towel, a towel is always there where you need it since it’s on YOU.

You can carry your child directly from tub to you, without getting wet! As a towel, multi-use Bath Towel use high quality 100% cotton terry cloth material absorbs water quickly while remaining soft to your child’s skin.

As bathrobe, its cute hooded bathrobe character really adorable, soft and absorb all the wetness. You child will be cuter than ever!

Keep your child happy, warm and safe, multi-use Bath Towel helps you to take care of your little ones!

Remember, it is not meant to be used as sleepwear. It is only meant to keep babies warm for a short period of time after their bath. Babies should never be left unattended when wearing multi-use bath towel.

Multi-use Bibs

The new multi-use over the shoulder mini towel keeps your kids and furniture dry and protected from wet hair and stains. Multi-use bibs is simply functional and easy to use.

100% soft cotton terry  absorbs water quickly and keeps back and shoulders dry. While wet hair dries, clothing and furniture stay protected.

Closes around the neck simply with snaps and stays put. No need to try and keep holding a towel on your child’s shoulder while you brush her hair. Compact and lightweight, it is perfect for travelling or a visit to the pool.

Kids also can use it as protective bib when brushing teeth and prevent changing pajamas right before bed time because of water and toothpaste stains.  It can also be used to dry their little hands and/or faces.  It’s also great for mom as she can use it as protective shield while applying make up or hair products.


Unique design for any wash, dry or wipe! It is light, soft and functional for both of you and your baby.

Washing care:

SmartTowel are made with 100% cotton so please see the following care instructions:

  • Wash first before used
  • wash with cold water
  • use no bleach
  • tumble dry low
  • iron if desired

Price IDR 140,000


Smart Towel adalah pilihan cerdas bagi para ibu cerdas. Setiap paknya terdiri dari 3 item :multi-use bath towel, multi-use bibs dan washcloth. Semua terbuat dari 100% katun dengan desain unik dan smart untuk memastikan kenyamanan dan kemultigunaannya. Smart Towel juga ikut tumbuh bersama anak. Ini adalah handuk generasi baru yang akan membuat hidup anda jauh lebih mudah dan menyenangkan!

Multi-use Bath Towel

4-in-1 celemek, handuk, bathrobe untuk bayi-balita dan bedong untuk bayi.  Multi-use Bath Towel ini akan mengubah waktu mandi dengan anak menjadi lebih santai, aman dan menyenangkan.

Gunakan multi-use Bath Towel sebagai celemek ketika memandikan bayi.  Celemek ini akan membebaskan tangan anda saat bergerak bersama bayi. Anda bisa fokus pada anak dan mencegah terjadinya kecelakaan tergelincir. Tak perlu cemas dimana menaruh handuk atau bagaimana memegangnya. Dengan multi-use Bath Towel, handuk akan selalu ada disana kapanpun anda membutuhkannya, karena handuk ada pada ANDA.

Anda bisa membawa anak langsung dari  bak mandi tanpa menjadi basah! Sebagai handuk, multi-use Bath Towel menggunakan material 100% katun terry berkualitas tinggi yang akan menyerap air dengan cepat dan tetap lembut untuk kulit anak.

Sebagai bathrobe, bathrobe lucu dengan tudung berkarakter ini teramat mempesona, lembut dan menyerap semua basah.  Anak anda akan jadi lebih lucu dari biasanya!

Menjaga anak tetap bahagia, hangat dan aman, multi-use Bath Towel membantu anda merawat si kecil!

Harap diingat, multi-use Bath Towel tidak dimaksudkan sebagai pakaian tidur.  Hanya dimaksudkan untuk menjaga bayi hangat untuk  jangka waktu pendek setelah mandi. Bayi tidak boleh ditinggal tanpa pengawasan selama memakai multi-use Bath Towel.

Multi-use Bibs

Multi-use Bibs ini bisa sebagai handuk mini yang melewati bahu depan dan belakang untuk menjaga anak dan perabotan dari rambut basah dan noda. Multi-use bibs ini sangat fungsional dan mudah digunakan

100% soft cotton terry  menyerap air dengan cepat dan menjaga punggung dan bahu kering. Sementara rambut basah mengering, juga menjaga punggung dan bahu kering.

Melekatkannya dileher cukup dengan kancing snap dan akan tetap ditempatnya. Tak perlu lagi memegangi handuk dibahu anak saat menyisir rambut basahnya. Compact and ringan, sempurna untuk travelling atau ke kolam renang.

Anak juga dapat menggunakannya sebagai protective bib saat menggosok gigi, dan menjaga mengganti piyama sebelum tidur karena air ataupun noda pasta gigi. Juga dapat digunakan  untuk mengeringkan tangan atau muka. Juga baik untuk ibu karena bisa digunakan sebagai protective shield saat mengaplikasikan make up ataupun produk rambut


Desain unik untuk mandi, mengeringkan atau menyeka! Ringan, lembut dan fungsional untuk anda dan bayi.

Washing care:

SmartTowel terbuat dari 100% cotton jadi mohon mengacu instruksi perawatan dibawah ini:

  • Cuci dahulu sebelum digunakan
  • Cuci dengan air dingin
  • Jangan gunakan pemutih
  • Keringkan dengan panas terendah
  • Setrika jika diinginkan

Harga IDR 140.000

{bobalimut} Boneka, Bantal, Selimut

{bobalimut} is abbreviation from boneka bantal selimut.
Soft, multiuse and fun, {bobalimut} will amuse your little one.
Silky, cozy, cute and plush, this lovable hooded blanket can be tucks into its cute character plush cushion when baby isvready to play or on the go.
Your baby surely will love CuddleMe original character Mr.Pongo & Ms.Pinqueen as we love to create it!


  • 3 uses in 1 as cute plush doll, cushion and blanket.
  • easy to store blanket inside cute character cushion for playing or on the go
  • cute hooded blanket
  • body : 100% polyester fleece, luxuriously soft, cozy & durable
  • trim : silk spandex
  • size : 74 x 90 cm
  • machine washable

Price IDR 130,000

CuddleMe Baby Cape

It’s a cute baby cape with fluffy and soft material. Simply by snapping button in front of cape, a very practical jacket that can be use from infancy until toddler time.

With eye-catching cute bear ears, smart design that can be used reversible, snap button to form sleeve, becoming this baby cape key points. Outer side made of soft fluffy polar micro fleece and inner side made of fabulous tartan pattern soft silky spandex. For filling, it used polyester, so there’s no allergy’s potential.

CuddleMe baby cape can also be handy and practical as weather shield when you are in babywearing. Its pompom string attachable to all baby carrier’s shoulder pads. Simply by tying it into carrier shoulder pads. No more worry with wind and cold whenever you go with your baby while you are in babywearing.

As sweet and cute as candy, as warm and fluffy as marshmallow, as handy and practical as CuddleMe Baby Cape

Price : IDR 90,000

For ages 6 months – 3 years old

Available in 5 fabulous colors : maroon, salem, red, blue, purple

CuddleMe Seat Pad

CuddleMe Seat Pad, provides maximum comfort and complete head & body support for your baby when you take him out for a walk or a ride inside the car or when playing with swing or bouncer.

It has detachable head support that can be customized for comfort. Adjusting upward as baby grows.

The unique contours work well with all harness systems and the Head & Body support transfers easily to provide support for baby in car seats, strollers, jogging strollers and swings. With padding only on the sides, not behind baby, the Seat Pad does not interfere with the safety of car seat harnesses.

The Head & Body Support reverses from smooth polar fleece fabric to plush velboa for two distinct looks.

Price : IDR 80,000

Material : polar fleece anti pilling and velboa.
Compatible with : most strollers, baby jogger, most baby car seats, most baby bouncers
Suggested age : newborn and up
Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash with laundry net

CuddleMe Nursing Cape

Indulge breastfeeding moment for mom and baby with style by using 100% silky spandex fabric that cover 360 degree area of sight. No more worries when breastfeeding.

When going out , shopping, having lunch with friend with baby, as a struggling breastfeeding mom there must be a feeling of anxiety.
“When my baby will start feeling hungry?” or “how if my baby starting to cry in an unfamiliar place?”

That’s why CuddleMe created Nursing Cape that is cute, pretty and very suitable for a mom like you. With a large neck line, round collar strengthen with boning for easier eye contact with baby, easy to wear, looks like usual clothes, no more worries about breastfeeding anywhere anytime.

Not only to be weared inside nursing room, you can even use it in mall, restaurant, park, during your pumping time and makes you feel relieve that none can even see you from your back

Using 100% silky spandex fabric that is light, soft, flowy, and stretchable,  lifetime usage and proudly made in Indonesia

Price : IDR 80,000

Reseller is welcome

CuddleMe NeoCarrier 2.0

The differences with previous version NOT ONLY it has pattern, but it also:

  1. Has webbing glide slider for both foot strap and back buckle. So, will be easier to adjust and to move
  2. Has softer Cotton Canvas fabric for you and your baby comfort
  3. Has 3 pockets to keep your small stuff
  4. Has fleece lining in the leg line to avoid leg/thigh red mark to enhance comfort for your baby
  5. Has diaper bag strap holder
  6. Has buckle to adjust the length of the hoodie, so it will be easier to adjust
  7. Has 2 way adjustable back buckle , so you can adjust the back buckle with both hands
  8. Has easier to adjust side strap, so both strap can be pull in only 1 step
  9. Has wider and thicker shoulder pad to enhance your comfort
  10. Has Teething Pad from white bamboo jersey with hypoallergenic dacron filling(Included)
  11. Has thicker and higher quality strap, for better performance

Price : IDR 370,000

CuddleMe Bath & Changing Caddy Bag

CuddleMe Bath & Changing Caddy Bag will make your daily routine with your baby a lot easier. Just prepare your baby’s bathtime and changing essentials inside CuddleMe Caddy Bag and you can bring it anywhere without any hussle

CuddleMe Bath & Changing Caddy Bag can holds up to 24 diapers plus wipes, lotions, shampoos, ointments, powder and more! Even can be used for car organizer or toys organizer.

Additional side, front and back storage pockets surely will give you much leisure for baby’s essentials while at home or on-the-go

Plus, its mildew resistance fabric makes it easy to clean after use

Price : IDR 70,000

Dimension : 12.5″ (32 cm) L x 5.5″ (14 cm) W x 11.8″ (30 cm)

Outer : Nylon waterproof
Inner : Nylon
Filling : Polyurethane Foam

EasyWrap by CuddleMe

Feeling tired of using complicated wrapping method that is difficult to wear also difficult to take off?!
NOW, CuddleMe has invented EasyWrap, a new innovative solution for parents who are willing to look stylish
while carrying the baby in wrap but do not want to feel exhausted on put it on and took it off, watch our video in www.youtube.com/user/cuddlemeindonesia

EasyWrap by CuddleMe has an innovative design that is cross between a sling and a soft structured front carrier, providing the positions
and benefits of both, plus more! There is no other carrier available like it. It is NOT a Wrap, also NOT just a SLING.
It has BOTH! It is soft structured front carrier that is very soft, easy to use, can fit to all size,
and allowing you to comfortably carry your child from 0-15 kgs with all possible position that wrap can do.

EasyWrap by CuddleMe is Made of unique blend of Cotton Viscose Terry Spandex knit fabric, strong enough to carry your baby hands free from 0-15 kgs
and won’t be over stretchy.
The ‘X’ Cross Stretch fabric creates a comfortable and secure pouch to hold your baby, the soft padding at the shoulders provides more comfort for you,
and the sash belt provides additional security for your baby and support your back and your shoulders

It is very easy to use!

  • Versatile design, one size for all, unlimited adjustable
  • Easy to use, no need complicated tying method
  • Made of unique blend Cotton Viscove Terry Spandex fabric. No more over stretchy!
  • Easy to use, easy to take off and adjustable as babycarrier, as comfort as babywrap
  • Can be used from newborn until toddler (0-15 kgs)
  • Pocket available for stuffing small items
  • Can be used as baby wrap also as single sling
  • Easy to wear, easy to take off

Price : IDR 215,000

Reseller is very welcome
for quick order sms to 0878 5903 9339 or drop us email to cuddlemeshop

Proudly Made in INDONESIA

watch the video at www.youtube.com/user/cuddlemeindonesia

Adjustable Training Pants


Pull up style training pants with 2 layers cotton fleece absorbent and waterproof layer that designed to assist toddlers in potty training. Outer and inner side is made of Cotton terry for ultra comfort. It is anticipate accident and help toddler to realize the wetness and learn to use toilet. Easy to pull up and down pants, to promote independence, and transform from nappy to big boy or girl pants. Also its adjustable waist to adjust the size perfectly make It perfect choice for parents. Surely makes potty training toddlers in less mess method.

PLEASE NOTE – This type training pant is designed to help toddlers at potty training time with accident, not performing as nappy to hold multiple accidents.

How CuddleMe Adjustable Training Pants works:

  • The waterproof barrier keeps wetness contained.
  • The soft cotton terry outer and inner layer gently touches and safe for your baby’s skin
  • The ultra absorbent 2 layers cotton fleece core pad & waterproof sheet minimizes messness
  • The unique, adjustable waist enables you to customize the waist size to fit your baby. Just fold the excessive elastic hole inside the pocket label
  • The stretchy and soft trim around the legs provides maximum comfort for your baby.
  • The wide array of patterns and color choices makes potty training fun!
  • Available in 2 size S/M(1-2.5 T) and L/XL(2.5-4T) to accommodate baby’s growth

Price : IDR 35,000


Training Pants Pull Up dengan penyerap 2 layer cotton fleece dan layer waterproof yang didesain untuk membantu balita potty training. Sisi luar dan dalam terbuat dari cotton terry untuk kenyamanan ultra. Mengantisipasi “kecelakaan” dan membantu balita untuk menyadari kebasahan dan belajar menggunakan toilet. Mudah dipakai dan dilepas, mendukung kemandirian dan menjadi perpindahan dari popok ke celana dalam. Dengan Adjustable waist untuk menyesuaikan ukurannya dengan sempurna, membuatnya jadi pilihan sempurna orangtua. Tentunya membuat potty training balita menjadi lebih praktis

Harap perhatikan : training pants tipe ini didesain untuk membantu “kecelakaan” balita pada masa potty training, bukan sebagai popok untuk menahan berkali-kali “kecelakaan”

Bagaimana CuddleMe Adjustable Training Pants bekerja:

  • Lapisan waterproof menjaga kebasahan tidak tembus.
  • Lapisan luar dan dalam cotton terry menyentuh lembut dan aman bagi kulit bayi
  • Penyerap ultra 2 lapis cotton fleece & lapisan waterproof meminimalkan kebocoran
  • Fitur unik, adjustable waist memungkinkan untuk mengkostumisasi ukuran pinggang untuk pas dengan bayi. Lipat kelebihan elastic hole dalam kantung label
  • Trim stretchy dan lembut disekeliling paha memberikan kenyamanan maksimum pada bayi
  • Pilihan luas motif dan warna membuat potty training menyenangkan!
  • Tersedia dalam 2 ukuran, S/M(1-2.5 T) dan L/XL(2.5-4T) untuk mengakomodasi pertumbuhan bayi

Harga: IDR 35,000

DryPad, Waterproof Mattress Protector


Protect your baby’s mattress from spills, stains and leaks with DryPad, waterproof pad protector. Made of soft absorbent micro polar fleece, DryPad offers a soft surface for your baby to rest on. Its pretty trim around Drypad’s edge adds to its charm. With soft absorbent micro polar fleece top and durable innerside polyurethane layers, it prevents leakage. Also its soft poly woven bottom layer is soundless when moved on, so it protects the mattress without crinkling noises. DryPad is also non-allergenic. The lightweight and thin 2-sided DryPad can be compactly folded for easy storage or transport. It even can be tucked into a diaper bag, so you don’t have to worry about soiled mattresses when you’re taking your baby out. You can also spread out this DryPad on your lap when you’re holding your baby. It is also can be used during toddler’s potty training time and for new moms. It can be machine washed for easy maintenance. It is multi-use pads that can be used conveniently and travel friendly


  • Multi-use pads protect Baby’s mattress or your lap from spills, spit-ups and leaks, also during toddler’s potty training time and for new moms
  • Absorbent micro polar fleece top , innerside waterproof polyurethane layer and bottom sides soft poly woven layer
  • DryPad features waterproof, soft, absorbent fleece with pretty trim around the edge, without crinkling noises
  • Versatile,convenient, handy, and thin enough to toss in a diaper bag


  • Features: Folds Up for Easy Transport, 2-Sided, Non-allergenic, can be tucked into a Diaper Bag, Travel friendly
  • Material: micro polar Fleece, polyurethane, poly woven, all bonded into one layer fabric
  • Protective Qualities: Leak-Proof, Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm
  • Suggested Age: newborn and up
  • Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash

Price: IDR 70,000


Lindungi tempat tidur bayi dari tumpahan, noda dan kebocoran dengan DryPad, waterproof pad protector. Terbuat dari penyerap micro polar fleece, Drypad menawarkan permukaan halus untuk bayi beristirahat. Pinggiran cantik disekeliling Drypad menambah pesonanya. Dengan permukaan micro polar fleece dan bagian dalam lapiran polyurethane yang kuat, mampu mencegah kebocoran. Juga bagian bawah dari poly woven lembut tanpa suara jika bergerak, mampu melindungi tempat tidur tanpa suara gemerisik. Drypad juga non-allergenic. Ringan dan tipis, DryPad yang memiliki 2 sisi dapat dilipat kecil untuk kemudahan penyimpanan atau bepergian. Bahkan dapat diselipkan dalam diaper bag, sehingga tak perlu lagi cemas akan tempat tidur basah saat mengajak bayi bepergian. DryPad juga dapat ditaruh pada paha, saat memangku bayi. Juga dapat digunakan pada masa potty training balita ataupun untuk ibu baru. Perawatan mudah pencucian dengan mesin. Drypad merupakan pad multiguna yang dapat digunakan dengan mudah dan travel friendly.


  • Pad Multiguna melindungi tempat tidur bayi, atau saat memangku bayi dari tumpahan,gumoh dan kebocoran, juga pada masa potty training balita dan untuk ibu baru
  • Bagian atas micro polar fleece penyerap , bagian dalam lapisan polyurethane tahan air dan bagian bawah lapisan poly woven lembut
  • DryPad memberikan fitur waterproof, lembut, fleece penyerap dengan pinggiran cantik disekelilingnya, tanpa suara gemerisik.
  • multiguna, mudah digunakan, praktis, dan cukup tipis untuk dimasukkan dalam diaper bag


  • Fitur: bisa dilipat memudahkan dipindahkan, 2-Sisi, Non-allergenic, dapat diselipkan dalam Diaper Bag, Travel friendly
  • Material: micro polar Fleece, polyurethane, poly woven, semua difabrikasi rekat menjadi selapis kain
  • Protective Qualities: Leak-Proof, Waterproof
  • Dimensi: 70 x 100 cm
  • Saran usia : newborn keatas
  • Perawatan pencucian : Machine Wash

Harga: IDR 70,000