It’s a cute baby cape with fluffy and soft material. Simply by snapping button in front of cape, a very practical jacket that can be use from infancy until toddler time.

With eye-catching cute bear ears, smart design that can be used reversible, snap button to form sleeve, becoming this baby cape key points. Outer side made of soft fluffy polar micro fleece and inner side made of fabulous tartan pattern soft silky spandex. For filling, it used polyester, so there’s no allergy’s potential.

CuddleMe baby cape can also be handy and practical as weather shield when you are in babywearing. Its pompom string attachable to all baby carrier’s shoulder pads. Simply by tying it into carrier shoulder pads. No more worry with wind and cold whenever you go with your baby while you are in babywearing.

As sweet and cute as candy, as warm and fluffy as marshmallow, as handy and practical as CuddleMe Baby Cape

Price : IDR 90,000

For ages 6 months – 3 years old

Available in 5 fabulous colors : maroon, salem, red, blue, purple


4 responses »

  1. ranny berkata:

    Ini bisa beli satuan kan ya?ready stok?bisa dipakai untuk tutupin bayi di gendongan depan?

  2. nuri3487 berkata:

    Kalau beli grosir minim berapa? Siskon brp?

  3. nez berkata:

    Harga grosirnya brp

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