CuddleMe NeoCarrier 2.0

The differences with previous version NOT ONLY it has pattern, but it also:

  1. Has webbing glide slider for both foot strap and back buckle. So, will be easier to adjust and to move
  2. Has softer Cotton Canvas fabric for you and your baby comfort
  3. Has 3 pockets to keep your small stuff
  4. Has fleece lining in the leg line to avoid leg/thigh red mark to enhance comfort for your baby
  5. Has diaper bag strap holder
  6. Has buckle to adjust the length of the hoodie, so it will be easier to adjust
  7. Has 2 way adjustable back buckle , so you can adjust the back buckle with both hands
  8. Has easier to adjust side strap, so both strap can be pull in only 1 step
  9. Has wider and thicker shoulder pad to enhance your comfort
  10. Has Teething Pad from white bamboo jersey with hypoallergenic dacron filling(Included)
  11. Has thicker and higher quality strap, for better performance

Price : IDR 370,000


EasyWrap by CuddleMe

Feeling tired of using complicated wrapping method that is difficult to wear also difficult to take off?!
NOW, CuddleMe has invented EasyWrap, a new innovative solution for parents who are willing to look stylish
while carrying the baby in wrap but do not want to feel exhausted on put it on and took it off, watch our video in

EasyWrap by CuddleMe has an innovative design that is cross between a sling and a soft structured front carrier, providing the positions
and benefits of both, plus more! There is no other carrier available like it. It is NOT a Wrap, also NOT just a SLING.
It has BOTH! It is soft structured front carrier that is very soft, easy to use, can fit to all size,
and allowing you to comfortably carry your child from 0-15 kgs with all possible position that wrap can do.

EasyWrap by CuddleMe is Made of unique blend of Cotton Viscose Terry Spandex knit fabric, strong enough to carry your baby hands free from 0-15 kgs
and won’t be over stretchy.
The ‘X’ Cross Stretch fabric creates a comfortable and secure pouch to hold your baby, the soft padding at the shoulders provides more comfort for you,
and the sash belt provides additional security for your baby and support your back and your shoulders

It is very easy to use!

  • Versatile design, one size for all, unlimited adjustable
  • Easy to use, no need complicated tying method
  • Made of unique blend Cotton Viscove Terry Spandex fabric. No more over stretchy!
  • Easy to use, easy to take off and adjustable as babycarrier, as comfort as babywrap
  • Can be used from newborn until toddler (0-15 kgs)
  • Pocket available for stuffing small items
  • Can be used as baby wrap also as single sling
  • Easy to wear, easy to take off

Price : IDR 215,000

Reseller is very welcome
for quick order sms to 0878 5903 9339 or drop us email to cuddlemeshop

Proudly Made in INDONESIA

watch the video at

Adjustable Training Pants

reviewed by widi mulia, indonesian actress and singer

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-23 at 10.29.50 AM


Pull up style training pants with 2 layers cotton fleece absorbent and waterproof layer that designed to assist toddlers in potty training. Outer and inner side is made of Cotton terry for ultra comfort. It is anticipate accident and help toddler to realize the wetness and learn to use toilet. Easy to pull up and down pants, to promote independence, and transform from nappy to big boy or girl pants. Also its adjustable waist to adjust the size perfectly make It perfect choice for parents. Surely makes potty training toddlers in less mess method.

PLEASE NOTE – This type training pant is designed to help toddlers at potty training time with accident, not performing as nappy to hold multiple accidents.

How CuddleMe Adjustable Training Pants works:

  • The waterproof barrier keeps wetness contained.
  • The soft cotton terry outer and inner layer gently touches and safe for your baby’s skin
  • The ultra absorbent 2 layers cotton fleece core pad & waterproof sheet minimizes messness
  • The unique, adjustable waist enables you to customize the waist size to fit your baby. Just fold the excessive elastic hole inside the pocket label
  • The stretchy and soft trim around the legs provides maximum comfort for your baby.
  • The wide array of patterns and color choices makes potty training fun!
  • Available in 2 size S/M(1-2.5 T) and L/XL(2.5-4T) to accommodate baby’s growth

Price : IDR 35,000


Training Pants Pull Up dengan penyerap 2 layer cotton fleece dan layer waterproof yang didesain untuk membantu balita potty training. Sisi luar dan dalam terbuat dari cotton terry untuk kenyamanan ultra. Mengantisipasi “kecelakaan” dan membantu balita untuk menyadari kebasahan dan belajar menggunakan toilet. Mudah dipakai dan dilepas, mendukung kemandirian dan menjadi perpindahan dari popok ke celana dalam. Dengan Adjustable waist untuk menyesuaikan ukurannya dengan sempurna, membuatnya jadi pilihan sempurna orangtua. Tentunya membuat potty training balita menjadi lebih praktis

Harap perhatikan : training pants tipe ini didesain untuk membantu “kecelakaan” balita pada masa potty training, bukan sebagai popok untuk menahan berkali-kali “kecelakaan”

Bagaimana CuddleMe Adjustable Training Pants bekerja:

  • Lapisan waterproof menjaga kebasahan tidak tembus.
  • Lapisan luar dan dalam cotton terry menyentuh lembut dan aman bagi kulit bayi
  • Penyerap ultra 2 lapis cotton fleece & lapisan waterproof meminimalkan kebocoran
  • Fitur unik, adjustable waist memungkinkan untuk mengkostumisasi ukuran pinggang untuk pas dengan bayi. Lipat kelebihan elastic hole dalam kantung label
  • Trim stretchy dan lembut disekeliling paha memberikan kenyamanan maksimum pada bayi
  • Pilihan luas motif dan warna membuat potty training menyenangkan!
  • Tersedia dalam 2 ukuran, S/M(1-2.5 T) dan L/XL(2.5-4T) untuk mengakomodasi pertumbuhan bayi

Harga: IDR 35,000

DryPad, Waterproof Mattress Protector


Protect your baby’s mattress from spills, stains and leaks with DryPad, waterproof pad protector. Made of soft absorbent micro polar fleece, DryPad offers a soft surface for your baby to rest on. Its pretty trim around Drypad’s edge adds to its charm. With soft absorbent micro polar fleece top and durable innerside polyurethane layers, it prevents leakage. Also its soft poly woven bottom layer is soundless when moved on, so it protects the mattress without crinkling noises. DryPad is also non-allergenic. The lightweight and thin 2-sided DryPad can be compactly folded for easy storage or transport. It even can be tucked into a diaper bag, so you don’t have to worry about soiled mattresses when you’re taking your baby out. You can also spread out this DryPad on your lap when you’re holding your baby. It is also can be used during toddler’s potty training time and for new moms. It can be machine washed for easy maintenance. It is multi-use pads that can be used conveniently and travel friendly


  • Multi-use pads protect Baby’s mattress or your lap from spills, spit-ups and leaks, also during toddler’s potty training time and for new moms
  • Absorbent micro polar fleece top , innerside waterproof polyurethane layer and bottom sides soft poly woven layer
  • DryPad features waterproof, soft, absorbent fleece with pretty trim around the edge, without crinkling noises
  • Versatile,convenient, handy, and thin enough to toss in a diaper bag


  • Features: Folds Up for Easy Transport, 2-Sided, Non-allergenic, can be tucked into a Diaper Bag, Travel friendly
  • Material: micro polar Fleece, polyurethane, poly woven, all bonded into one layer fabric
  • Protective Qualities: Leak-Proof, Waterproof
  • Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm
  • Suggested Age: newborn and up
  • Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash

Price: IDR 70,000


Lindungi tempat tidur bayi dari tumpahan, noda dan kebocoran dengan DryPad, waterproof pad protector. Terbuat dari penyerap micro polar fleece, Drypad menawarkan permukaan halus untuk bayi beristirahat. Pinggiran cantik disekeliling Drypad menambah pesonanya. Dengan permukaan micro polar fleece dan bagian dalam lapiran polyurethane yang kuat, mampu mencegah kebocoran. Juga bagian bawah dari poly woven lembut tanpa suara jika bergerak, mampu melindungi tempat tidur tanpa suara gemerisik. Drypad juga non-allergenic. Ringan dan tipis, DryPad yang memiliki 2 sisi dapat dilipat kecil untuk kemudahan penyimpanan atau bepergian. Bahkan dapat diselipkan dalam diaper bag, sehingga tak perlu lagi cemas akan tempat tidur basah saat mengajak bayi bepergian. DryPad juga dapat ditaruh pada paha, saat memangku bayi. Juga dapat digunakan pada masa potty training balita ataupun untuk ibu baru. Perawatan mudah pencucian dengan mesin. Drypad merupakan pad multiguna yang dapat digunakan dengan mudah dan travel friendly.


  • Pad Multiguna melindungi tempat tidur bayi, atau saat memangku bayi dari tumpahan,gumoh dan kebocoran, juga pada masa potty training balita dan untuk ibu baru
  • Bagian atas micro polar fleece penyerap , bagian dalam lapisan polyurethane tahan air dan bagian bawah lapisan poly woven lembut
  • DryPad memberikan fitur waterproof, lembut, fleece penyerap dengan pinggiran cantik disekelilingnya, tanpa suara gemerisik.
  • multiguna, mudah digunakan, praktis, dan cukup tipis untuk dimasukkan dalam diaper bag


  • Fitur: bisa dilipat memudahkan dipindahkan, 2-Sisi, Non-allergenic, dapat diselipkan dalam Diaper Bag, Travel friendly
  • Material: micro polar Fleece, polyurethane, poly woven, semua difabrikasi rekat menjadi selapis kain
  • Protective Qualities: Leak-Proof, Waterproof
  • Dimensi: 70 x 100 cm
  • Saran usia : newborn keatas
  • Perawatan pencucian : Machine Wash

Harga: IDR 70,000

CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow

CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow is a nursing pillow that has 5C’s and more benefits for you and your baby!

  • Comfort : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow makes breastfeeding a comfortable experience for you and your baby. With polar fleece anti pilling fabric, gives you and your baby super-soft fabric, nice touch feeling for you and your baby. Flat and wide support for your baby also a great plus for CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow
  • Colors : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow has 3 colors to choose from. Wide range for baby boy and baby girl
  • Convenience : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow very easy to bring, just fold in half and put it in your shoulder or just toss it in your stroller, make it very portable.
  • Convertible : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow can be use as booster seat in your car when your children is already to use ordinary seat belt.
  • Compact : CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow can tie the webbing excess by folded and tied the excessive webbing with elastic loop in the end of the webbing. It’s very space efficient, whenever you don’t need to use it, just folded it into half and put it aside.

Using super quality of sponge to assure your comfort and lifetime usage, with foldable unique design for portable purpose, first layer at the surface made of anti pilling super soft polar fleece fabric, second layer inside of the pillow made of nylon polyurethane laminated for waterproof effect. No more worry with every liquid that may drop at the nursing pillow, it will not absorb into the sponge. Just use handkerchief to wipe the nursing pillow surface and you can use it again!

Equipped with small pocket in front of the Nursing Pillow, to keep your small stuff such as handkerchief, tissue, etc.

Easy washable Nursing Pillow, simply remove the pillow cover by unzipping the zipper, take out the sponge, put the cover into washing net (included) and machine wash it in cold water and dry flat.

Price : IDR 180,000 included Laundry Bag for machine wash

Weight : approximately 1 kg, each CuddleMe Foldable Nursing Pillow already vacuum packed in clear plastic pack for easier delivery.

Dimension : 50 x 40 x 10 cm (unpacked)

How to use it:

  1. Prepare the pillow, by unfolded and securely attached strengthen flap under the pillow
  2. Get into a comfortable seated position
  3. Place the pillow on your lap and securely around your waist
  4. Place waist webbing around your waist, adjust webbing as necessary and lock the buckle
  5. Position baby on pillow
  6. Begin nursing

More than that? contact us for reseller price at email cuddlemeshop or sms to 0878 5903 9339 .
Pin BB by request.
Reseller is very welcome.

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod is the original & innovative swaddle that allows your baby to sleep, with their arms inside or out. Swaddled babies who have access to their hands may settle better and sleep longer.
Super fast and easy to use.

Most importantly CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod helps your baby stay wrapped all night long!
Even dad will be a wrap expert!

Cap set is also included, so baby can go fashionable while swaddled

Using high quality Cotton with Spandex blended material, make it cool enough, stretchable and comfort for babies.

Also equipped with 2-way zipper for easy diaper changing, zipper tent to keep zipper under cover and inside zipper layer protector for more protection for your baby

IDR 55,000 (cap included)

Why CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod?

Swaddling babies is an ancient practice of helping babies to settle and sleep.

Recent studies have shown that babies who are swaddled (not too tightly) and then put to bed, sleep better and longer.

Babies may benefit from having access to their hands when swaddled with CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod because:
1. It helps them self soothe and therefore sleep longer, giving baby and parents a better nights sleep.
2. It may be helpful for development.

Your baby learns a lot about the world by bringing their hands to their mouth. It helps develop their mouth muscles, aids feeding, speech development and enables them to act out their natural rooting reflex. Just having their hands near their mouth can help babies settle and sleep!

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod is so quick and easy to use and most importantly your baby stays swaddled all night long!

Wrapping babies snugly with CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod also can help calm their startle reflex, so that they do not hit and wake themselves during sleep.

Babies swaddled with CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod find it harder to roll from their back to the tummies, therefore also helping reduce the risk of SIDS.

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod promotes good quality sleep as we all know good quality sleep for babies has been linked to brain development so it is very important your baby get the full amount of sleep required.

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod is made of ONE layer of good quality Cotton Elastane/Spandex. Material is made of Cotton therefore highly breathable and allow moisture to pass through the fibres. Furthermore since CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod stretches to fit the baby the stretching action creates natural openings in the weave, promoting even further breathability.

CuddleMe Hybrid SwaddlePod has 2-way zip opening, so you can do diaper changing without awakening baby. It also has zipper tent to keep zipper under cover, and inside zipper layer protector so more safety for your baby.

Included Cap set is also very functional for baby, just use it whenever you want to go out with baby.(please use baby cap only under your supervision only)

Just Try and SURE You’ll love it!!


BabyCape Printed


[In English]
Adorable CuddleMe Baby Cape for a fashionable baby and toddler. It is easy to put on and off and it will keep your baby warm during a stroll outside. It is also reversible, so you can reverse the side based on the weather. It is also has cute bear ears to add its adorable and cuteness.

CuddleMe Baby Cape’s outer side is made out of micropolar fleece that’s very soft, warm and comfortable, while inner side is made out polyester cotton jersey. for the filling itself is using hypoallergic polyester. In order to form sleeves, simply snapping both snap button on right and left side of the baby cape. You can also use Baby Cape as blanket for newborn baby. So you can start using babycape from newborn until toddler time.

Price : IDR 90,000

Size :
Length 38 cm
Width 80 cm

For ages 0 months – 3 years old

[In Bahasa]

CuddleMe Baby Cape yang sangat manis untuk bayi dan balita yang modis. Sangat mudah untuk dipakai dan dilepas, serta akan menjaga bayi anda selama berjalan-jalan di luar. Baby Cape ini juga bisa dipakai bolak balik, sehingga setiap sisi bisa dimanfaatkan berdasarkan cuaca yang ada. Baby Cape ini juga memiliki telinga beruang lucu yang semakin menambah cute bayi anda.

Sisi luar CuddleMe BabyCape terbuat dari micropolar fleece yang sangat lembut, hangat dan nyaman. Sementara bagian dalam terbuat dari polyester katun jersey. Bagian fillingnya menggunakan polyester hypoallergic. Untuk membuat lengan, anda hanya men-snap kedua snap button pada bagian kanan dan kiri baby cape. Anda juga bisa menggunakan Baby Cape sebagai selimut untuk bayi yang baru lahir. Sehingga Baby Cape ini dapat digunakan sejak masa bayi lahir hingga balita.

Harga : IDR 90,000

Ukuran :
Panjang 38 cm
Lebar 80 cm

Untuk usia 0 bulan – 3 tahun

Mengapa Memilih Foldable Nursing Pillow

Mengapa CuddleMe menciptakan bantal menyusui yang bisa dilipat? seperti yang semua ibu tahu, bantal menyusui yang ada dipasaran besarnya LUAAR BIAASAA. dan membawanya tentu butuh effort luar biasa. hal tsb yang ingin kami hindari. itu kenapa kami menciptakan bantal menyusui yang bisa dilipat, sehingga membawanya lebih ringkas dan hemat tempat.

Selain itu, utk cover, kami memakai bahan Polar fleece anti pilling yang pastinya stay dry, mudah dibersihkan, dan sangat lembut untuk kulit bayi. sehingga jika bayi pipis, tinggal dilap saja dan langsung kering dan bisa langsung digunakan. Bukan cuma itu saja, covernya juga dilapisi dengan nylon polyurethane laminated yang waterproof. sehingga pipis bayi tidak akan langsung membuat spons basah. AMAN kan?

Sponsnya sendiri menggunakan spons kualitas SUPER, dengan garansi 5 thn. tidak membuat alergi, tidak berserbuk dan tidak akan kempes. packingnya pun kami pikirkan juga. dengan packing pressed vacuum pack, membuat packing bantal ini akan super tipis, sehingga ongkir nya cuma 1kg. sponsnya yg berkualitas tinggi membuat bantal ini akan langsung mengembang sempurna begitu dibuka dari packingnya(^_^)

EasyWrap vs NeoCarrier

Saat anak pertama lahir , suka frustasi dengan gendongan jarik yang bikin sakit bahu. Saat anak kedua lahir, suka frustasi dengan gendongan babywrap yang sudah makenya sulit, begitu dilepas juga sulit juga. Yang sedang enak tertidur pulas, jadi terbangun karena mamanya sedang membuka ikatan yang mbulet tiada akhir. Alhamdulillah berhasil mengkreasikan inovasi baru ini, makenya tinggal 2 langkah mudah. tangan kanan kiri masuk sekaligus ke loop kanan dan kiri, terus kepala masuk. HAP! jadi deh. terus tinggal masukin anaknya. abis itu pakai sashbelt jika perlu. Ngelepasnya? lebih mudah lagi. tinggal buka buckle dipunggung, CEKLEK, sudah kebuka. anak langsung bobo dgn nyamannya di tempat tidur(^_^)

Kadang-kadang bunda ingin punya gendongan yang bisa dipakai lama. Okay, paham sekali keinginan bunda tsb. Nah, EasyWrap by CuddleMe ini sangat cocok untuk dipakai bayi newborn, alias baru lahir. Memang bukan gendongan hard duty spt NeoCarrier. karena NeoCarrier memang ditujukan untuk anak yang lebih besar dan sudah lebih aktif bergerak. tapi PLUS dari EasyWrap ini sangat cocok digunakan pada bayi yang memang masih lebih sering digendong(bahkan nyaris selalu digendong)

apalagi jika bayi prematur, tentunya lebih butuh sering digendong karena kangaroo care akan membuat perkembangan bayi premature akan jauh lebih baik. untuk menggendong cara kangaroo care dengan EasyWrap, tinggal memakai sashbelt terlebih dahulu lalu memakai EasyWrap dengan cara melepas buckle dipunggungnya terlebih dahulu baru di ceklek sampai bunyi KLIK! jadi teori pemakaian EasyWrap sama dengan pola pemakaian BabyWrap konvensional. Anggap SashBelt sbg tali horizontal. sedangkan loop X sebagai tali X pada babywrap konvensional.

Atau kalau bunda ingin ber”simple” ria, tinggal buka semua buckle dan pasang buckle loop, atur strap sesuai lingkar tubuh ibu. VOILA! jadilah 2 buah sling yang nyaman. tinggal dipakaikan ke bayi dalam 1 langkah mudah! jadi? mengapa harus beli sling dan babywrap terpisah? semua itu ada dalam EasyWrap!! Sling EasyWrap ini sangat nyaman karena padding busa dibahunya cukup tebal dan takkan membuat bahu sakit. aman juga untuk anak karena buckle dan strap yang dipakai berkualitas tinggi.

Bunda suka menggendong bayi menghadap depan? Tentu SANGAT BISA! tapi make sure ya bun, jangan menggendong bayi dalam waktu lama menghadap depan untuk mencegah hips dysplasia

Mengapa Memilih EasyWrap

Mengapa EasyWrap by CuddleMe berbeda dengan sling ataupun structured carrier lain?

Sling & Carriers lain

Single Sling (dengan ring atau yang fitted):

  • ditopang hanya pada 1 bahu saja
  • Posisi pemakaian terbatas
  • Kurang aman untuk bayi
  • Hanya 1 atau 2 ukuran pemakai yang dimungkinkan


  • Sulit untuk dipakai
  • Terlalu banyak kain menyulitkan pada cuaca panas
  • Berjatuhan dan menyentuh tanah saat hendak dipakai
  • Sulit untuk dilepas

Structured Wrap (wrap yang sudah dijahit) lain :

  • Posisi pemakaian terbatas
  • Hanya bisa dipakai oleh 1-2 ukuran pemakai saja
  • Terlalu banyak jahit double kain menyulitkan pada cuaca panas
  • Sulit untuk dilepas tanpa membangunkan bayi saat tertidur
  • Bahan yang dipakai kurang kuat, sehingga kemungkinan berlubang dibagian yang dijahit sangat besar

Structured Carrier:

  • Penggunaan Buckle, Ring dan Snap terlalu banyak dan membingungkan
  • Posisi Pemakaian terbatas
  • Tidak aman dicuci dengan mesin cuci

EasyWrap by CuddleMe

Desain Double-Sling:

  • Ditopang pada kedua bahu
  • Bisa dipakai pada berbagai posisi dari 0-15kg
  • Loop ganda memberikan keamanan ekstra pada bayi
  • Adjuster pada loop dan buckle pada punggung memungkinkan ukuran pemakai yang tidak terbatas

Tidak butuh metode wrap sama sekali : Watch Video!

  • Mudah dipakai tanpa metode Wrap yang membingungkan
  • Kain yang digunakan lebih sedikit daripada wrap
  • Mudah dipakai, semudah memakai baju
  • Sudah langsung bisa dipakai
  • Mudah dilepas tanpa membangunkan bayi saat sedang tidur

Cotton Viscose Terry Spandex yang kuat, tangguh, namun lembut, elastis dan fit dibadan pemakai dan bayi:

  • Bisa digunakan dalam berbagai posisi pemakaian yang lazim pada wrapWatch Video!
  • Bisa dicuci dengan mesin (laundry net included)